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                  Dear Loyal Readers and Valued Advertisers,

  Skunk Dots Biker News has had 20 years of supporting the Biker Community, Charities, and Events.  It has been an experience I have both enjoyed and “stressed” over.

  It is with great sadness to inform you that Skunk Dots will no longer be in publication. 
I have tried to keep this publication going, but can no longer continue working in
the “red” or out-perform the Internet.

  We may show up again on-line later in the year, but have not committed to doing
that at this time.

                                                                                   Thank you for your support these many years.
                                                                                          May 2014 bring you success and profits.

                                                                                          Best Regards,
                                                                                   Jennifer “Skunk” Stewart
                                                                                  SKUNK DOTS BIKER NEWS

...and staff

Jennifer "Skunk" Stewart
8016 Jubilee Trail
Iola, TX 77861
936-394-2212 / 281-352-5021 (cell)
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